June Wrap Up

Posted 07/14/2021 by Stephanie in Wrap Ups / 0 Comments

With a blog redesign, I’ll be on top of posting more consistently and actually posting other things than just reviews.

In June, I began using a reading journal which has both, taken up a lot of time from reading AND helped slow me down enough to actually write notes. I’m behind on reviews but with the journal, I have set myself up to actually start writing up some of the recaps I wanted to do!

It wasn’t until last year that I actually starting tracking how much I read, and that was about halfway through the year so I really don’t know my reading stats. Since I started tracking, I’ve tried using all kinds of resources but nothing seems to be 100% accurate. In my monthly wrap up, I’ll put up stats I get from the Bookly app and from my reading journal.

The journal is a peek into my messy thought train when reading and commentary. The journal video contains spoilers and I put a warning on those pages so beware in case you want to pause.

Yearly Book Count:


Bookly Stats

      Pages read: 3569 Pages
      Total time: 153 Hours
Reading speed in pages/h: 54.9 Pages/h
    Books read: 21 Books
                          Audiobooks: 10
     Best read day in pages: 846 Pages
Best read day in minutes: 1143 Minutes
   Longest reading streak: 30 days
Total reading days: 30 days

Other Book Stats

Reading Journal