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Spellbound Cover (1) Grieving being torn from her beloved sister, who remained behind in the human kingdom, Elle makes it her life purpose to become a keeper in her cursekeeper coven. But this calling won’t be an easy one. The magic possessed by her small coven of four casts them as outsiders throughout the kingdom. Yet when witches are found murdered in the woods, the cursekeepers quickly become the town’s only hope. Many believe the murders are the work of a god. An old one returned in search of vengeance. Elle, on the other hand, suspects Viktor, the new warlock to town, is somehow linked to the violent deaths. However, his agenda doesn’t stop there. Infiltrating her coven. Charming everyone around him. Threatening her plans to become a keeper. This rivalry quickly becomes personal. When the truth behind the murders surfaces, Elle finds herself thrust into a dangerous new world, trapped between twisted hearts and terrifying beings. With the victims piling up, she must decide who to trust and who to protect before it’s too late.




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#SRD-5 I looooved this story. It gave me Harry Potter vibes….young girl (age 11) finds out she has powers and is shipped out to a place to learn how to use and control her powers. From there, Elle spends the next 9 years training and learning about being a witch. Her goal is to because a keeper so that she can make her way back to the human kingdom to see her younger sister. Communication between the two kingdoms isn’t allowed. Every year, there’s a test, if there are openings, for the apprentices who want to become a full member of their coven. Elle is pushed to finally do it but she’s so in her head that she doubts she can pass and she doesn’t want to wait to retake it. Viktor shows up in the middle of Elle’s indecisiveness and throws some things her way. He’s smokin’ hot and has a great personality and has everyone wrapped around his fingers. But Elle is suspicious of him and eventually finds out what he’s hiding! In the end, Viktor’s arrival starts the evolution that Elle goes through. She battles her demons, both figuratively and literally, and is able to see how strong she has always been. There’s so much to like in this story. There are twists and character growth. The tthing with Viktor, I didn’t see coming at all but it really works lol


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Rebecca lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and son. Born and raised in England, you can find her drinking tea, writing new worlds, and designing covers. Rebecca devoured every book she was given from the age of five and fell in love with magical worlds. When she got older, her imagination grew with her and she delved into writing strong characters and vast worlds. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, you can find her traveling, and hosting book signings with Spellbinding Events. The Fate of Crowns, book one, releases January 5th, 2021 with the following four books releasing between January and June. #SRD-11

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