House of Eclipses

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House of EclipsesHouse of Eclipses
by Casey L Bond
Published by Casey L. Bond
on 08/13/2021
Format: ARC
Pages: 378

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Capture his heart.

Steal his crown.

Noor is the unwanted, unloved third born of the Aten, chosen vessel of the sun goddess, Sol. While she has no chance at inheriting her father's title, what she truly longs for is peace from his unrelenting hatred. Hope builds that she may finally be able to claim that reprieve when a missive arrives from the House of the Moon.

The new Lumin, chosen of the moon god, Lumos, seeks to broker peace with the Kingdom of Helios for the first time in ages. He envisions open trade routes and an end to archaic rivalries. His dedication to this cause extends to visions of a union between the two families by marrying one of Aten's daughters, if one of the matches is a fit.

Driven by his own twisted agenda, Noor's father is willing to sacrifice his daughters as pawns to steal the crown for him to further his despotic reign, pitting sister against sister in a brutal battle for power. But Noor must come out the victor, either by capturing the Lumin's heart or stealing his crown. For whomever wears the crown of moonlight, holds the power of the moon itself. With such strength at her command, she could finally defeat her tyrannical father.

Yet this endeavor cannot be accomplished without great sacrifice. As Noor learns more about Lumin Caelum, guilt over her betrayal consumes her, burning hot as the sun itself. If only he wasn't kind, and selfless, and exactly what she wanted. If only she had greater dominion over her heart...

Can Noor carry out her plan and end her father's vile reign? Or will unlikely alliances allow a new day to dawn?

Praise for House of Eclipses:

"A gorgeous journey you'll want to take again and again." - New York Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins

"Stunning world-building, a fierce heroine, gorgeous writing, and a storyline unlike anything you've ever read. House of Eclipses will pull you in until the very last page." - Celia McMahon, author of The Unspoken Series

"House of Eclipsesis full of compelling characters, beautiful worlds full of whimsy and wonder, an edge-of-your-seat storyline, a love story for the ages, and an ending that packs in incredible punch." - Ethan Gregory, One Guy's Guide to Good Reads

Wow! This book was so damn good that I ate it up all in one seating! The blurb was so good that I requested the ARC but when it landed in my inbox, I had forgotten all about it…what a big mistake that was!


Right off the bat, I have to say just how much I adore Noor and Caelum. It was so very refreshing to have a relationship begin and develop where secrets don’t get in the way. I mean, it was all primed for the relationship to fall apart before it even began and i was waiting for it and when it doesn’t, that was a very good surprise.


Noor is such a change up from our norm female lead. While she’s had a hell of a time growing up with her abusive father, she doesn’t let that break her, it has the opposite effect, she grows stronger. With that upbringing, she knows that there’s no one out there that can hurt her any worse so in a sense that makes her even stronger.


The thing I loved the most about Noor, was that even though she has that inner battle of back and forth when it came to her feelings towards Caelum. she didn’t do the agonizing back and forth of “should i? Should i not?” Sure, she has her moments of doubts but not overdrawn.


The other thing that I absolutely loved was the honesty Noor and Caelum have from the get-go and how those secrets don’t get in the way. They also give each other the benefit of the doubt and hear one another out before overreacting to misunderstandings.


Up to the very end, Citali was a mystery to me and the ending and the little snippet for book 2 kind of shed light on that. Definitely going to be anxious for book 2!


About Casey L Bond

Casey Bond lives in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She likes goats and yoga, but hasn’t tried goat yoga because the family goat is so big he might break her back. Seriously, he’s the size of a pony. Her favorite books are the ones that contain magical worlds and flawed characters she would want to hang out with. Most days of the week, she writes young adult fantasy books, letting her imaginary friends spill onto the blank page.

Casey is the award-winning author of When Wishes Bleed, the Frenzy series, and fairy tale retellings such as Riches to Rags, Savage Beauty, Unlocked and Brutal Curse. Learn more about her work at