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Book Cover Book Title Author Rating
GracelingGracelingKristin Cashore5 Stars
Sweet EvilSweet EvilWendy Higgins5 Stars
CovetCovetTracy Wolff5 Stars
GildGildRaven Kennedy4 Stars
Sweet PerilSweet PerilWendy Higgins5 Stars
Sweet ReckoningSweet ReckoningWendy Higgins5 Stars
Sweet TemptationSweet TemptationWendy Higgins5 Stars
A Lair So SinfulLair So Sinful, AZoey Ellis
Back in the BurbsBack in the BurbsAvery FlynnTracy Wolff5 Stars
Elements of PowerElements of PowerKate Stoessel
Pride and PremeditationPride and PremeditationTirzah Price5 Stars
CraveCraveTracy Wolff5 Stars
CrushCrushTracy Wolff5 Stars
Bloodlines (book 1)Bloodlines (book 1)Richelle Mead5 Stars
The Golden LilyGolden Lily, TheRichelle Mead5 Stars
The Indigo SpellIndigo Spell, TheRichelle Mead5 Stars
The Fiery HeartFiery Heart, TheRichelle Mead
Silver ShadowsSilver ShadowsRichelle Mead5 Stars
The Ruby CircleRuby Circle, TheRichelle Mead5 Stars
Ember of NightEmber of NightMolly E. Lee5 Stars
All the Little LightsAll the Little LightsJamie McGuire5 Stars
A Court of Silver FlamesCourt of Silver Flames, ASarah J. Maas3 Stars
Hush, HushHush, HushBecca Fitzpatrick4 Stars
OutlanderOutlanderDiana Gabaldon5 Stars
Secrets of the Starcrossed (The Once and Future Queen, Book 1)Secrets of the Starcrossed (The Once and Future Queen, Book 1)Clara O’Connor5 Stars
Curse of the Celts (The Once and Future Queen, Book 2)Curse of the Celts (The Once and Future Queen, Book 2)Clara O’Connor5 Stars
Legend of the Lakes (The Once and Future Queen, Book 3)Legend of the Lakes (The Once and Future Queen, Book 3)Clara O’Connor5 Stars
Gold SpunGold SpunBrandie June5 Stars
The Box in the WoodsBox in the Woods, TheMaureen Johnson4 Stars
Nation of the SunNation of the SunH.R. Moore4 Stars
The Boulder Wolves TrilogyBoulder Wolves Trilogy, TheOlivia Wildenstein5 Stars
The Iron KingIron King, TheJulie Kagawa5 Stars
The Kingless Crown (Kingdom of the White Sea Book 1)Kingless Crown (Kingdom of the White Sea Book 1), TheSarah M. Cradit5 Stars
Under the Milky WayUnder the Milky WayVanessa Barneveld4 Stars
The Crown of Gilded BonesCrown of Gilded Bones, TheJennifer L. Armentrout5 Stars
GlintGlintRaven Kennedy5 Stars
GleamGleamRaven Kennedy5 Stars
Wicked SaintsWicked SaintsEmily A. Duncan5 Stars
A Dance with the Fae PrinceDance with the Fae Prince, AElise Kova5 Stars
A Game of FateGame of Fate, AScarlett St Clair5 Stars
Storm and FuryStorm and FuryJennifer L. Armentrout5 Stars
Rage and RuinRage and RuinJennifer L. Armentrout5 Stars
Grace and GloryGrace and GloryJennifer L. Armentrout5 Stars
AriadneAriadneJennifer Saint4 Stars
Kristy's Great IdeaKristy's Great IdeaAnn M. Martin3 Stars
Truly DeviousTruly DeviousMaureen Johnson5 Stars
The Vanishing StairVanishing Stair, TheMaureen Johnson5 Stars
The Hand on the WallHand on the Wall, TheMaureen Johnson5 Stars
Stalking Jack the RipperStalking Jack the RipperKerri Maniscalco5 Stars
The Young ElitesYoung Elites, TheMarie Lu5 Stars
The JuniorJunior, TheMonica Murphy5 Stars
Rose Petal GravesRose Petal GravesOlivia Wildenstein3 Stars
The Princess Will Save YouPrincess Will Save You, TheSarah Henning5 Stars
If I Never Met YouIf I Never Met YouMhairi McFarlane5 Stars
A Torrent of DeceitTorrent of Deceit, ASarah M. Cradit5 Stars
A Darker Shade of MagicDarker Shade of Magic, AV. E. Schwab5 Stars
A Gathering of ShadowsGathering of Shadows, AV. E. Schwab5 Stars
A Conjuring of LightConjuring of Light, AV. E. Schwab5 Stars
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRueInvisible Life of Addie LaRue, TheV. E. Schwab5 Stars
VespertineVespertineMargaret Rogerson