The Princess Will Save You

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The Princess Will Save YouThe Princess Will Save You
Series: Kingdoms of the Sand and Sky #1
by Sarah Henning
Published by Tom Doherty Associates
on 07/07/2020
Genres: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Format: ARC, eBook
Pages: 368

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When her father dies, Princess Amarande is given an ultimatum: marry the leader of a neighboring kingdom, or lose her crown—and possibly her life. To force her hand, her beloved, the stableboy Luca, is kidnapped. But Amarande was raised to be a warrior, not a sacrifice. And nothing will stop her from saving her true love.

The Kingdoms of Sand & Sky Trilogy
Book 1: The Princess Will Save You
Book 2: The Queen Will Betray You
Book 3: The King Will Kill You (forthcoming)

Praise for The Princess Will Save You
“Everything we love about YA fantasy, complete with first love, sweeping adventure, and a fierce heroine who holds her own. There’s something for everyone in this book.”—Adrienne Young, New York Times bestselling author of The Sky in the Deep

“An action-packed adventure with a fierce heroine that is sure to enthrall! Sarah Henning has created a fantasy narrative that weaves together love and betrayal, pirates and swordplay. Sure to please anyone who grew up loving tales of princesses.”—Emily Lloyd-Jones, author of The Bone Houses

“Full of inconceivable wit, daring adventure, and cunning political machinations...It’s as if Sarah Henning looked into my soul that yearned for a book like The Princess Bride and said—as you wish. And yes, this is a kissing book.”—Ashley Poston, author of Heart of Iron

“A breakneck fantasy adventure.... Swoony romance, sword fights, a great cast of characters and some clever parallels to a story about another princess who won’t be made a bride makes The Princess Will Save You a strong contender for my favorite novel of the year.”—Emily Hall Schroen, Main Street Books, St. Charles, Missouri

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Love love love Amarande!

Prince Amarande has an unconventional upbringing. King Seneca trains her to be a fighter and teaches her to use her mind and trust her instincts. Which lead to her growing up training with Luca, the stable boy.

When King Sendoa dies, Amarande’s world is rocked and she doesn’t believe that her dad just died of natural causes. But being a woman in a patriarchy, her wishes to launch an investigation were ignored. Just as her opposition to marrying someone from the neighboring kingdoms. In order to be eligible to rule, she needs to find a husband first.

As royalty from the neighboring kingdoms arrive for King Sendoa’s funeral, Amarande shows them exactly who she is and that she won’t be pushed into something against her wishes. Little did she know that the one responsible for her dad’s death was among those who attended the funeral. Just as she made her stand known about her marriage, Luca is kidnapped and as soon as she finds out, she doesn’t pause to think things over and sets off to save him!

During Amarande’s adventure to rescue Luca, because she does, she learns that even though her dad raised her to be a strong independent individual, the world doesn’t see her as such and that no matter how much training she’s had, it’s not enough when facing real dangers.

I absolutely loved how she’s a warrior princess. How even in the most pressing situations, she was able to keep a calm mind and think her way out of messes. Just as Amarande learns a lot about herself and the world, Luca does too. He kept a cool collected mind and knew that Amarande would come for him so he left her a trail to follow.

All the plots and schemes keep the story interesting. Having a princess who isn’t dainty and delicate (at the beginning) is different from the norm, and i liked that a lot. She gave 0 shits about how her gown got ruined. However, she is a little entitled/spoiled/ignorant when it comes to the value of the diamonds her country is known for. Up to the last page, there were secrets being unraveled which leaves you wanting more!

About Sarah Henning

Sarah Henning is a recovering journalist who has worked for the Palm Beach Post, Kansas City Star and Associated Press, among others. While in South Florida, Sarah lived and worked through five hurricanes, which gave her an extreme respect for the ocean. When not writing, she runs ultramarathons, hits the playground with her two kids and hangs out with her husband Justin, who doubles as her long-suffering IT department. Sarah lives in Lawrence, Kansas, which, despite being extremely far from the beach, happens to be pretty cool.