The Babysitters Club

Posted 08/27/2021 by Stephanie in Reviews / 0 Comments

The Babysitters ClubKristy's Great Idea
Series: The Babysitters Club #1
by Ann M. Martin
Published by Scholastic
Format: eBook
Pages: 153

Follows the adventures of Kristy and the other members of the Baby-sitters Club as they deal with crank calls, uncontrollable two-year-olds, wild pets, and parents who do not always tell the truth.

This is a childhood staple of mine.

Growing up reading was how I practiced and improved my English. Having moved to the US at the age of 10, the transition wasn’t too easy but I found that books were a place I could go to and not be judged.

I remember wanting to have my own club, wanting to hide candy like Claudia (it never made it past the end of the day lol), and it felt ok that I wasn’t a girly girl. I found a little of Kristy, Mary’s Anne, Claudia, and Stacey that I either saw in myself or wanted to be like.

This was a real simple read. It really does showcase how 4 extremely different girls can come together and find some common ground.

While reading it as an adult, I do find Kristy to be extremely rude lol

While it was a nostalgic read, it doesn’t make me want to read the hundreds of books from the series and its spinoffs. I will just leave it in the past as a nice memory.