Legend of the Lake Review

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Legend of the Lake ReviewLegend of the Lakes (The Once and Future Queen, Book 3)
Series: The Once and Future Queen #3
by Clara O’Connor
Published by HarperCollins UK
on 06/24/2021
Genres: Arthurian, Dystopian, Young Adult
Format: ARC, eBook
Pages: 512


The Once and Future Queen: Book 3

I thought to die that night in the solitude where they would never find me...

Cassandra stands silent upon a ravaged battlefield, watching as the druids prepare the dead for the pyres, embers drifting up into the still winter darkness. She can barely breathe through the agony of her grief, but she cannot waste another second on tears.

Because Londinium, the Caesar, the empire... all of it is still out there. The empire whose code she had followed, whose prince she had promised to marry, whose schemes she had been swept up in since birth.

They tried to use her magic against her. To silence her.

So she will use her magic against them. To silence them. Forever.

The third and final chapter of The Once and Future Queen trilogy, this epic scifi fantasy adventure set in a dystopian world where the Romans still rule will enchant fans of Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare.

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What an emotional roller coaster this trilogy was!!!!

I couldn’t put words together when I finished it and now days later, I still have a hard time coming up with what to say!

The continuity of the books has been pretty good, picks up right where the other ended and I like that. With that said, we (yes, I’m including myself with the characters ) are still trying to cope. Cassandra has a harder time than most and gets pretty ugly to those around her. As I said from the previous book, I don’t like how Cass 2.0 is and was hoping for an upgrade. Her actions and words don’t match her thoughts, tans that’s so frustrating.

Gideon!!!!!! 💜💜I need a man like that in my life! Just wow! I have to say he’s my favorite character. Just like Cass, Gideon is also having a hard time coping and adjusting BUT the changes he makes are for the better. He’s too damn good for his partner…

The last book didn’t disappoint. It covered a lot. We got answers, secrets were revealed, the main characters go through quite a journey individually and together which in the end, made it all worth it. Marcus is still on my shit list. For someone so damn smart he sure lets his dad handle him. And while at the end some of his actions are good, they’re not good enough to forgive everything else. The bad guys have their power taken away and Cass and co step in and try to forge a better leadership.

I think I’m going to reread the series now that all 3 books are out. The story is just that good!


The Once and Future Queen

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