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Read Sweet Evil but can’t remember what happened in the book and need a refresher? Continue reading for an in-depth Sweet Evil book recap.

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Anna Whitt is our main character. She’s a 16-year-old girl trying to get through high school while keeping secret that she has abilities that others don’t. Anna believed she was the only one that had said abilities until she meets Kaidan Rowe and the world as she knew it is shattered.

Kaidan ushers Anna into the world of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are the children of demons with humans. There are twelve demons that have bodies and live in the human world. Those demons are called the Dukes, and they each have a sin attributed to them. The Dukes used to be angels until they sided with Lucifer and they were thrown out of heaven.

Kaidan is the son of Pharzuph, the Duke of Lust. Which means that Kaidan has an affinity towards lust. Anna’s dad is Belial, and he’s the Duke of substance abuse, which means that Anna has an affinity towards drugs and alcohol. While Anna’s dad is a demon, her mom (Mariantha) was not quite human. She was a guardian angel who was in love with Belial when they were both in heaven. They ran into each other while Mariantha was with her charge, who was in bad shape. Eventually Mariantha’s charge passed away and instead of escorting her to heaven, Mariantha took over the body. Nine months later, Anna was born. Women who give birth to Neph always die at childbirth and Belial was imprisoned and so Anna was adopted and raised by Patti Whitt. Who always knew the truth about Anna’s origins. Once Kaidan opens the door to the Neph world, Anna has to meet her dad in order to survive the cutthroat world of angels and demons.

When Anna meets Belial, it’s very obvious that even though he’s a demon, he’s very different from the other Dukes. Since Anna is now on Pharzuph’s radar because of her strange badge, the Neph’s all have a badge that matches up to their demon parent’s sin. Anna’s badge has white swirled in, along with amber for Belial’s badge. The normal badge only has the solid color. So, when Pharzuph saw Anna’s badge, he took the white to mean she was innocent and needed to be corrupted, which he tasked Kaidan to do. But instead of corrupting Anna, he took her cross-country to meet Belial.

It was on the drive to LA that Anna fell in love with Kaidan and he with her. But Kaidan being the son of Lust, he has to “work”, and he’s very experienced while Anna is very innocent and thinks that Anna is too good for him because of his past. This is especially present for Kaidan when Anna is given the Sword of Righteousness. He freaks out and instead of driving back home with Anna, he ships her back alone. This completely breaks Anna’s heart, and she’s devastated. She tried to cope and come to terms that she wouldn’t see Kaidan again, but that was thrown out the window when Kaidan’s Neph friends show up and ruin her plans. Kopano, son of Alocer – Duke of Wrath. Blake, son of Melchom – Duke of Envy. Marna and Ginger, daughters of Astaroth – Duke of Adultery. The Nephs and Anna’s friends make it impossible to stay away from Kaidan. They keep dragging her to events where Kaidan is always at.

Eventually Belial gets out of prison in order to keep Anna safe from the other Dukes and has to train her to “work” just enough to make the others think she’s a “good” Neph. She learns to drink so that when she does have to work, she won’t get wasted. Just as they’re training, Pharzuph calls a meeting with the US Dukes and since Anna is such a mystery, they want her at that meeting, which is a huge problem because he would immediately know that Kaidan disobeyed him and Anna is still a virgin. Thankfully, Belial is able to come up with an excuse for the other Dukes and Pharzuph.

All six Nephs are ordered to work a New Year’s party that Jay, Veronica, and Anna were going to. The Dukes use demons that don’t have bodies, that whisper bad things into people’s ears, to monitor the Nephs. Things get out of control at the party. Marna, who has a crush on Jay, ends up kissing him in front of his girlfriend, Veronica. Anna loses track of her drinking and instead of just getting everyone drunk, ends up drunk herself. Once the demons were satisfied with the chaos that the Nephs caused, they flew away and reported to the Dukes.

Anna is trying really hard to fit into this new role that she has to pass off as real but she’s struggling. Her upbringing really hinders her. After the New Year’s party, the Dukes called an emergency summit which all Nephs were expected to attend. Which is a really bad thing because this is how the Dukes handle punishment when things aren’t done to their standards. In other words, if they don’t work up to their standards, they get punished. While watching the Neph be ridiculed by the Dukes, Anna couldn’t stay quiet and spoke up against them, which now made her a target. And since she refused to kill the Neph, they were going to kill her too. Well, they wanted to, but Heaven interceded and sent angels to stop Rahab (Duke of Pride) from killing Anna. 


Belial immediately takes Anna out of the summit and sends her home. When she tries to get in touch with Kaidan, she finds out that he moved to LA and didn’t say goodbye. It leaves things up in the air except for the fact that Anna is now a target.


  • Anna Whitt – main character. Half demon, half angel nephilim. Belial’s daughter.
  • Kaidan Rowe – main male lead. Phazruph’s son.
  • Patty Whitt – Anna’s adoptive mom.
  • Jay Thompson – Anna’s human best friend.
  • Ginger and Marna – Astorath’s twin daughters.
  • Kopano – Alocer’s son, openly disobeys Neph rules and doesn’t work.
  • Blake – Melchom’s son. Cali dude.
  • Belial – Duke of Substance Abuse.
  • Pharzuph – Duke of Lust.
  • Astorath – Duke of Adultery.
  • Alocer – Duke of Wrath.
  • Melchom – Duke of Envy.

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